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A celebration of Professor Robin Room

Professor Robin Room has had a stellar career and is one of the most outstanding alcohol and drug scholars internationally. It is a European tradition to celebrate a person who has made outstanding international contributions over a life time with a ‘Festschrift’. This Australian version of a Festschrift combined a research symposium in honour of Robin, presentation of a Book of Letters, and a special section in Drug and Alcohol Review, all amounting to a celebration of Robin’s contributions.

The Book of Letters

The Book of Letters were beautifully compiled by Margaret Hamilton and Gretchen Thomas, and is now available for free via this link.

The book contains more than 120 contributions from Robin’s colleagues, friends and family; warm reflections in a mix of brief thanks, humorous anecdotes, poems, photos and heartfelt letters. We hope you enjoy this tribute to Robin.

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Special Section of Drug and Alcohol Review

The special section of Drug and Alcohol Review (2014, Vol 33, Issue 6) which will be available in November (

Robin Room's Festschrift

The symposium was held on Saturday 13th September, 2014 at the University of Melbourne.

  • Keynote presentations by: Norman Giesbrecht and Pia Rosenqvist
  • Scholarly presentations by: Laura Schmidt, Michael Livingston, Petra Meier, Wayne Hall, Jessica Storbjörk
  • Reflections on Robin and presentation of the Book of Letters, Drug and Alcohol Review Special Section

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A bit about Robin Room

Over his long career he has more than 400 publications, including seminal books and journal articles. He was a researcher at the National Alcohol Research Centre (Berkeley, California) from 1963 to 1991; he was appointed as the Scientific Director from 1977 to 1991. He was later appointed as Vice-President for Research at the Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario, Canada, from 1991 to 1998. In 1999 Professor Room was appointed professor and founding director of the Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs at Stockholm University. In March 2006, he became Professor of Alcohol Policy Research at the School of Population Health of the University of Melbourne and the Director of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) at Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre. He was elected President of the Kettil Bruun Society in 1987 and has acted as honorary president since 2011.

Robin's full CV is accessible here.

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