National and State Drug Strategies

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Australian drug policy is driven by the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (IGCD). Tto access the most recent information about the IGCD, follow this link:



For other national policy documents related to treatment for illicit drugs, see:

For information and documents about previous national strategies and evaluations, see:


Here we provide links to each jurisdiction’s primary drug strategy document. The links can also be used to find other details of jurisdictional responses, action plans, policies and procedures.

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Strategy 2010-2014
ACT Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Strategy 2004-2008

South Australia

South Australian Drug Strategy 2011-2016


Tasmanian Drug Strategy 2005-2009


Victorian Drug Strategy 2013-2017
Whole of Government Victoria Alcohol and Drug Strategy
Victorian Drug Strategy 2006-09

Western Australia

Drug and Alcohol Interagency Strategic Framework for Western Australia 2011-2015
Western Australian Drug & Alcohol Strategy 2005-2009

New South Wales

NSW Health Drug and Alcohol Plan 2006-2010


Queensland Drug Action Plan 2011-2012
Queensland Drug Strategy 2006-2010

Northern Territory

Strategic Directions for 2009-12 for the Northern Territory

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