DPMP Marriage Equality Statement

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Marriage equality is good drug policy. DPMP supports marriage equality because this is an effective public health strategy for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. International research has shown:

  • People in same sex relationships experience stigma and discrimination, which contributes to being at greater risk for developing alcohol and other drug problems. They may be up to twice as likely as heterosexuals to develop alcohol and other drug problems.
  • Research from the USA has identified that legitimising same-sex marriages can have a powerful and direct public health impact amongst the LGBTIQ community. When the marriage act was changed to be limited to be between a man and a woman, alcohol use disorders among homosexual people increased (with no parallel increase in US states where there was no change).
  • Research evidence shows that marriage equality can contribute to reducing alcohol and other drug problems in Australia, through ensuring access to the same rights, privileges, responsibilities and institutions as the rest of the population.


The peer-reviewed paper ‘Why the alcohol and drug community should support gay marriage’ was published in Drug and Alcohol Review (January 2012).


The extensive research literature can be found in our report: “Prevalence of and interventions for mental health and alcohol and other drug problems amongst the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community:  A review of the literature”.




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