DPMP briefing paper: Australian drug trafficking laws: guilty until proven innocent?

Author: Caitlin Hughes, Nicholas Cowdery AM, QC, Alison Ritter

Resource Type: Bulletins

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DPMP has produced a new briefing paper on Australian deemed supply laws. These laws operate in eight of nine Australian jurisdictions and sanction drug trafficking solely on the weight of drug on an alleged offender.

Dr Caitlin Hughes and Professor Alison Ritter from the Drug Policy Modelling Program, NDARC, UNSW Australia, along with Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, former Director of Public Prosecutions in NSW have completed research into the laws. This raised a number of concerns about the laws. The briefing paper outlines the central findings and policy recommendations from this research. To access the briefing paper click on the link above.

The full article outlining the research findings can be accessed here:

Hughes, C.E., Cowdery, N. & Ritter, A. (2015). Deemed supply in Australian drug trafficking laws: A justifiable legal provision? Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 27(1), 1-20. http://search.informit.com.au/documentSummary;dn=366887334489689;res=IELHSS

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