2010 Illicit Drug Policy Roundtable

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image - 2010 Roundtable2

With the National Drug Strategy (2004-2009) concluding its final year of implementation, the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (MCDS) initiated a consultation process in late 2009 as part of the development of Australia’s new strategy for the period 2010-2015. The NDS is a significant and important document that provides the overarching context, priorities and approaches that Australia will take in preventing and responding to alcohol and drug related harm. Accordingly, the Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP) undertook to convene a roundtable of experts and opinion leaders from across Australia to discuss and document their views about the next NDS. The roundtable report was then forwarded as a submission to the NDS consultation process.

The roundtable was held on 9th February, 2010 in Sydney. Twenty three delegates attended from an invitation list of thirty. All were third sector (outside government and bureaucracy) experts and leaders in the fields of alcohol and illicit drugs, with interest in areas such as treatment, public health, law enforcement and research.

A copy of the submission is attached.

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