An evaluation of the New South Wales Involuntary Drug and Alcohol Treatment (IDAT) Program

Date Commenced:
May 2016
Project Supporters:

NSW Ministry of Health

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Project Members
image - Marian Shanahan
Conjoint Senior Lecturer
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image - Sarah Larney
Dr Sarah Larney
Senior Lecturer
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Dr Thu Vuong
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Project Main Description

The IDAT Program, established under the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Act 2007 of New South Wales, aims to “provide short-term care, with an involuntary supervised withdrawal component, to protect the health and safety of people with severe substance dependence who have experienced, or are at risk of, serious harm and whose decision making capacity is considered to be compromised due to their substance use”. The IDAT evaluation aims to evaluate 1) the process; 2) the outcome; and 3) the costs of the IDAT Program.

The process evaluation aims to provide descriptive information about the program operations, its reach, patient progression through the defined model of care, and the feasibility and appropriateness of the model of care. The outcome evaluation aims to assess the impact of the IDAT program on a range of patient outcomes including drug and alcohol use and health service utilization, in comparison with a comparison group. The cost evaluation will determine the costs of the IDAT program.

Project Supporters

NSW Ministry of Health

Project Collaborators: External

Dr Mark Montebello
Drug and Alcohol Service

Professor Wayne Hall
University of Queensland

Project Status
Date Commenced
May 2016

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