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The goal of DPMP is to improve Australian illicit drug policy by generating new evidence; translating that evidence into policy-relevant information; and studying how policy actually gets made. All of our work is underpinned by a focus on capacity-building: encouraging scientists from other areas to work in the illicit drugs domain; providing consultancy and support to policy makers to improve their use of research evidence; working in partnership with existing drug research centres and teams across Australia; bringing international expertise to Australia; and disseminating our work to researchers, policy makers and the public.

Our research projects are listed below.

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image - Police
Status: Completed
The aim of this project was to critically analyse the current state of drug law enforcement (DLE) performance monitoring in three nations (Australia, UK and USA), to identify how police agencies in such nations currently hold themselves to account and to put forward potential rationales for the...
image - Common Metrics
Status: Completed
Measuring the success or otherwise of policies is fundamental to continuous social, economic and community improvement. For complex social problems, such as drug abuse, it is a difficult task. One challenge in the drug policy area is that it transects the multiple domains of health, law enforcement...
image - Dpmp13 Square
Status: Completed
The aim of this project was to update and further develop the Moore (2005) Australian drug budget. As in the earlier Moore project, our study examined both federal and state and territory government spending in response to illicit drugs but only included proactive spending. This is the amount...
image - Handcuffs
Status: Completed
In Australia there has long been a preference to divert minor drug users to drug education and/or treatment instead of applying the traditional criminal justice response. This project sought to provide a jurisdictional overview of all drug diversion programs operating in Australia as of January...
image - Czech Republic Square
The main aim of this cross-cultural comparative study of marijuana markets in Australia, United States (Florida) and the Czech Republic is to improve knowledge of what impacts different legal regimes have on marijuana markets. The study will collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data...
image - Three Glasses Original
Alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment is key for improving health and reducing the social impact of AOD use. However, the treatment itself is not the only variable that impacts on whether health outcomes are improved. The way in which treatment is funded, purchased, and staffed is likewise...


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