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The goal of DPMP is to improve Australian illicit drug policy by generating new evidence; translating that evidence into policy-relevant information; and studying how policy actually gets made. All of our work is underpinned by a focus on capacity-building: encouraging scientists from other areas to work in the illicit drugs domain; providing consultancy and support to policy makers to improve their use of research evidence; working in partnership with existing drug research centres and teams across Australia; bringing international expertise to Australia; and disseminating our work to researchers, policy makers and the public.

Our research projects are listed below.

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image - Dpmp 8 Square
Status: Completed
This project forms part of a broader DPMP interest in studying policy-making in Australia. Drug policy is influenced by the research evidence but also by politics, lobby groups, public opinion, and various windows of opportunity. This research aims to better understand how policy is developed and...
image - Three White Pills 280
Status: Completed
There is a lack of knowledge about the offending profiles of MDMA offenders and the optimal means of policing MDMA. Given that NSW is one of two jurisdictions in Australia that does not provide police drug diversion for MDMA use/possess offenders there are concerns that other forms of police...
image - Bottle Shop
Status: Completed
In 2009 a civilian inspectorate to enforce liquor licensing legislation was established in Victoria, known as the Compliance Directorate of Responsible Alcohol Victoria (RAV).  Previously, the police had primary responsibility for enforcing the liquor licensing legislation. Understanding how the...
image - Aboriginal Women Square
Status: Completed
The Drug and Alcohol Service Planning Model for Australia is a planning tool that aims to assist health planners to meet the needs of people with alcohol and other drug problems.  Initial work, completed with the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC) was completed on the Drug and...
image - Alcohol Ban
Status: Completed
Over the past ten years laws prohibiting public drinking have proliferated across urban centres in Australia. Despite this proliferation there have been few evaluations of their impact or effectiveness. This project attempted to address the following the research questions: What is the impetus for...
image - Queue Square
Status: Completed
The purpose of this project was to summarise what is known internationally, nationally and in NSW about unmet need and unmet demand for OTP in NSW and provide some initial estimates for NSW.
image - Stop Sign
Status: Completed
Project STOP” is an initiative of the Queensland branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Queensland Police Service. In 2005 the QPS and Pharmacy Guild forged a partnership because they were concerned about the raft of problems associated with significant increases in the use and abuse of...
image - Dpmp7 Square
Status: Completed
The current project is concerned with elucidating a little known phenomenon in retail level illicit drug markets: the supply of illicit drugs within social networks.  There is very little published empirical research in this area, a fact which itself strikes a call for further research.  Drug...
image - Puzzle
Status: Completed
Partnership approaches to policing drug problems range from loose coalitions between the police and other agencies, to third party policing where relevant ‘third parties’ are co-opted through the use of regulatory and legislative levers. This project explores the role of partnerships between the...
image - Project Default Large 2
Status: Completed
The implications of the global financial crisis continue to reverberate throughout the world, even as western economies slowly emerge from recession. There are concerns that the stress of living in such an environment will be detrimental for health and well-being; one pathway being self-medication...


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