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The goal of DPMP is to improve Australian illicit drug policy by generating new evidence; translating that evidence into policy-relevant information; and studying how policy actually gets made. All of our work is underpinned by a focus on capacity-building: encouraging scientists from other areas to work in the illicit drugs domain; providing consultancy and support to policy makers to improve their use of research evidence; working in partnership with existing drug research centres and teams across Australia; bringing international expertise to Australia; and disseminating our work to researchers, policy makers and the public.

Our research projects are listed below.

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image - Dpmp15 280
Status: Completed
Most Australian states and territories have adopted legal thresholds for drug trafficking, over which possession of an illicit drug is deemed ‘trafficking’ as opposed to ‘personal use’. Yet the extent to which regular drug users understand the laws and their implications has been subject to limited...
Date Commenced: October 2012
image - Young Woman Idea Original
Status: Completed
The project aims to investigate the opinions of young Australians about how the government and community should respond towards drug and alcohol use.
Date Commenced: April 2012
image - Treatment Pathways 280
Status: Completed
The NSW Ministry of Health is leading a project to develop a national population based model for drug and alcohol service planning, known as the National Drug and Alcohol Clinical Care and Prevention Modelling Project (DA-CCP). Central to the project is the establishment of a set of ideal treatment...
Date Commenced: March 2012
image - 1338942401 Scales Square
Status: Completed
Most Australian states and territories have adopted drug trafficking thresholds which specify quantities of drugs, over which it is presumed an offender has committed an offence of ‘drug trafficking’, rather than ‘possession for personal use’. Yet, in spite of known risks from adopting such...
Date Commenced: January 2012
image - Dpmp6 Square
Status: Completed
The overall aim is to examine the structure of illicit networks (drug trafficking networks) to determine areas of vulnerability and resilience. The project aims to improve existing knowledge and empirical accounts of criminal networks by employing an innovative multi-level analytic approach which...
Date Commenced: January 2012
image - Same Sex Holding Hands Original
Status: Completed
With NSW having the largest GLBT community in Australia, it is important that responses to the problems faced by these populations (including a higher risk of drug use and mental health problems) are informed by research evidence. 
Date Commenced: June 2011
image - Dpmp10
Status: Completed
It has been argued that the increased influence of conservative advocacy groups and the impact of the political social conservatism of ‘The Howard Years’ has led to a conservative shift in Australian drug policy, away from harm minimisation and towards a zero tolerance model (Mendes, 2001, 2007)....
Date Commenced: May 2011
image - Dpmp11 Square
Status: Completed
Public opinion can play an important role in determining policy and informing political processes. However, the majority of public opinion data regarding attitudes to drug policy in Australia is collected at the broader population level, and the voices of people who use illicit drugs have...
Date Commenced: April 2011
image - 1341904484 Istock 000016784531small
Status: Completed
Many young people regard alcohol and illicit drugs as part of the repertoire of products that facilitate socialising through intoxication. This has become a pressing public policy issue because the practice costs society dearly. Economic research supports increasing the price of alcohol to reduce...
Date Commenced: January 2011
image - Policy Square
Status: Completed
The ways in which research informs and influences policy has been an area of much investigation. Rarely, if ever, will one sole research product be found to influence definitive policy change. In order to measure the influence or impact of a research project, consideration needs to be given to a...
Date Commenced: October 2010


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