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The goal of DPMP is to improve Australian illicit drug policy by generating new evidence; translating that evidence into policy-relevant information; and studying how policy actually gets made. All of our work is underpinned by a focus on capacity-building: encouraging scientists from other areas to work in the illicit drugs domain; providing consultancy and support to policy makers to improve their use of research evidence; working in partnership with existing drug research centres and teams across Australia; bringing international expertise to Australia; and disseminating our work to researchers, policy makers and the public.

Our research projects are listed below.

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image - 1353904918 Cost Benefit Scale Square
Status: Current
Heroin use and associated harms can be reduced through effective treatment. Past research has shown that treatment for heroin dependence can be relatively cost-effective, but not whether heroin treatment overall is a good investment. This study will estimate the net social benefit of heroin...
Date Commenced: January 2013
image - Ndshs Square 2
Status: Current
This project seeks to provide an evidence based understanding of public opinion towards drug policy in Australia, by analysing empirical survey data.
Date Commenced: March 2012
image - Vietnam Square
Status: Current
This study compares the cost-effectiveness of centre-based compulsory rehabilitation (CCT) for substance abuse with community-based methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) in Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The project forms the basis for Thu Vuong's PhD.
Date Commenced: February 2012
image - Creidu Logo Square
Status: Current
Injecting drug use is a behaviour strongly associated with other highly marginalised characteristics such as imprisonment, blood borne virus infections, homelessness and mental illness. This Centre for Research Excellence is focussed on injecting drug use and draws together a number of innovative...
Date Commenced: October 2010
image - Exploring The Economic Costs To Family Members Affected By Drug Use
Status: Current
Drug use can lead to significant financial, psychological, physical health and social consequences for family members. Despite this, previous economic assessments of drug use interventions have not included the costs and benefits to family members of treatment for the drug user. This study aims to...
image - Policy Square 1
Status: Current
The Australian government expends an estimated $1.7 billion on responding to illicit drugs every year, with policing comprising 64% of this expenditure. One core assumption underpinning this investment is that police can deter, discourage or prevent drug offending. It is argued that drug laws and...
image - Syringe Updated
Status: Current
People who inject drugs (PWID) are exposed to blood-borne virus (BBV) infections, injecting-related injuries and risk of overdose, and experience greater levels of both physical and mental impairment compared with the general population. Additionally, injecting drug use is associated with a range...
image - Lynda Berends Project Cubes
Status: Completed
The aim of this project is to provide an overview of issues and concerns related to the 2014 alcohol and other drug sector recommissioning process in Victoria. Researchers from the Drug Policy Modelling Program at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, are...
Date Commenced: July 2014
image - Review Of Treatment Sector Square
Status: Completed
This project sought to clarify Australian drug and alcohol treatment funding; current and future service needs; the gap between met and unmet demand; and planning and funding processes for the future. This project aimed to deliver: a shared understanding of current drug and alcohol treatment...
Date Commenced: July 2013
image - Aust Trafficking Network Square
Status: Completed
It has been long recognised that illicit drug traffickers can and do trade in multiple drugs. For example, more than ten years ago, Australian law enforcement agencies highlighted the “convergence of criminal networks and, concomitant to this, poly-drug trafficking” and the challenges this may...
Date Commenced: April 2013


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