2015 Drug Policy Modelling Program Symposium

Date Published:
19 May 2015
Image - 2015 Drug Policy Modelling Program Symposium
Media contact:
Jasmin Bartlett
02 9385 0167

In 2015 the annual Drug Trends Conference was held in conjunction with the annual Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP) symposium at Custms House Sydney.

The Drug Trends Conference, held on Wednesday 14th October, provided a comprehensive overview of trends in drug use, drug-related harms and drug markets across Australia. The DPMP Symposium, held the following day (Thursday 15th October) built on that foundational data and presented studies examining a range of possible solutions. The emphasis was on policy: interventions that governments or civil society can deploy to reduce drug-related harm.

The DPMP Symposium considered drug policy from multiple perspectives - treatment, harm reduction and law enforcement - with papers on policy evaluations and policy processes and examination of the effects of policy development, design and implementation on drug-related harms.


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